Marcel Jardeleza

Hafa Adai!

Current Position: MS Ecology, Colorado State University (Aug. 2018 - Present)

Advisor: Dr. Ruth Hufbauer (

Education: B.S. Biology, University of Guam, Mangilao, Guam, USA

Research Interest: Evolutionary Ecology, Biological Invasion, Plant Insect Interaction, Conservation & Diversity in STEM.

Notes From My Desk:

Sept. 4, 2019: Wow, it's September already and this semester is really kicking my butt. I'm currently taking 3 classes, have a bird project in the works (permiting has put things on hold), and teaching 2 sections of Principles of Plant Physiology. Mental breaks and extracurriculars have been crucial for me.

July 19, 2019: This summer has gone by so fast! I just came back from a quick trip to the Philippines to see family, and now I'm back on the ground running continuing my temperature tests for my HI samples and preparing for my upcoming American Robin project. Wish me luck!
June 16, 2019: I have just completed a little over a month of fieldwork in Hilo, Hi. It has been such a challenging field season, which included extending my stay in order to capture enough specimens, but its finally done. This summer is going by so fast!
May 16, 2019: It has been a crazy and non-stop grinding week for me since I've arrived in Hilo, HI. I don't know how I've been able to balance field collections and finals, but at least I am officially done (with finals, I'm still setting traps out). Despite the craziness, I'm so thankful for this opportunity to come here and do research. I definitely feel like a scientist and I'm learning so much from simply trying to get things done so far away from Colorado.
May 12, 2019: I have officially hit the ground running starting the first fieldseason of my graduate career in Hilo, Hawaii. I'm working with my NSF-REU advisor Jonathan Koch once again and it's insane how my fly work has sort of made a full circle 2-years later. We visited some OG sites and ended intensive fieldwork with some delicious malasadas and lilikoi and lime IPA. Life is good (mostly, I still have to finish up my finals).
May 9, 2019: After straightening out a little bit of a mix up, I won the Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management William M. Brown Professional Development Award! It is a $500 travel grant that I will use towards my trip to the 2019 SACNAS conference in Honolulu, Hawaii in October! I'm super stoked and thankful for this opportunity!
Apr. 26, 2019: Just booked everything for my first field season as a grad student on the big island of Hawaii. I'll be collecting Drosophila suzukii (see research for more info) and conducting some plasticity experiments. It's been almost 2 years since I've been on HI and its crazy that I get to build upon my undergrad research. You really never know where life will take you.
Apr. 24, 2019: Our GDPE department held its first ever comedy/laugh and learn night where brave grad students were selected to try to explain science topics in a comedic fashion. I was one of the tributes. I had 5 min, 5 random slides (I didn't get em until 30min before), a stage and a crowd of people to explain evolution to. It worked out pretty well because I won 2nd place and a really cool hammock. Most importantly, I am officially the 2nd funniest person in GDPE.
Apr. 8, 2019: The long awaited verdict has been set and the winners for the 2019 NSF GRFP has been announced. Unfortunately, I did not receive the fellowship, but I did get 2019 NSF GRFP Honorable Mention (, which is still a great honor. The competition was tough, but there's always more grants and funding sources out there. Fighting!
Apr. 6, 2019: It's nearing the end of the semester and my permits for this coming field season isn't going as smoothly as I'd hope, so I decided to go skiing this weekend (work life balance is important). I'm happy to say that this island gal offically have a winter sport to enjoy.
Mar. 30, 2019: It has been such an eventful week! I was a graduate student evaluator for the 2019 MURALS, which is a symposium targeted towards undergraduates from minority groups and attended the Feminist Thought & Activism Conference (Check out my blurb in gradschoolife)! I also received the Spring 2019 GDPE Travel Grant! This funding will go towards my trip to the 2019 SACNAS Conference!
Mar. 22, 2019: My website is finally up! Please let me know what you think! I appreciate any constructive criticism!
Mar. 21, 2019: Spring break is already almost over and unsurprisingly my to-do list was much longer than my will to do things. I am nearing the completion of this site and I am very excited to share it with the world. Hopefully I figure out how to attach my domain very soon.
Mar. 13, 2019: Fort Collins and most of the midwest is going through a "Bomb Cyclone" and CSU is closed due to the weather. I've been forced to work from home, which is never as productive as when I'm in the grad office. I'm definitely missing the hot trophical weather on my island.
Mar. 6, 2019: Started building this site.